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At Audio Visual One, we offer creative and innovative solutions for events nationally from our Chicago, Orlando, and Las Vegas locations. Our warehouses feature state-of-the-art technology to suit every audio, video, lighting, and computer equipment need. Design and technology implementation is our specialty. Speak with one of our project coordinators to find out how our services and technology can enhance your next special event.

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Audio Visual One provides exceptional audio equipment to make your next special event a memorable experience. From corporate events to trade shows, our audio experts will ensure that you find the best equipment solution to suit the needs of your event. Contact us today to inquire about the capabilities of our inventory.


At Audio Visual One, we recognize the importance of staying up-to-date, which is why we provide state-of-the-art video projection to make events compelling. Our sales staff will help you select from our extensive inventory which includes DLP projection, HD video, multi-screen displays, plasma displays, image magnification, video cameras, and digital video recording equipment. Contact us today to find the perfect projection equipment for your next event.

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Specialty Equipment

At Audio Visual One, we offer specialty equipment to tailor your custom event to your exact specifications. Our sales team will inform you of the available specialty items in our inventory and recommend the best option to suit your event. Reach out to one of our sales representatives today to see how our specialty equipment can contribute to the success of your event.


Audio Visual One provides high-quality lighting options to make presentations dynamic and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Our inventory of lighting options includes general wash lighting, enhanced lighting for video recording, intelligent lighting, and custom lighting packages. Let one of our staff members know the details of your event so we can offer you the best lighting options available.

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Audio Visual One provides rigging rental services to ensure the lighting for your special event is positioned perfectly. Our technicians will work with you keeping the specifications of your event in mind when rigging. Contact us to speak with a service representative to find out how our rigging services can bring your event to the next level.

Computer Services

Audio Visual One boasts an extensive inventory of PC’s and laptops to help you configure your event speaker ready room, registration area or computer training lab. Our expert staff members will customize your need so it is aligned with the goals and objectives of your program. Contact us today to start planning your next event.

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Events for Every Audience & Every Industry

In-Person Events

The magic of in-person events lies in the ability to engage all senses, providing an environment where ideas, emotions, and collaborations flourish.

Virtual Events

With the advancement of technology, virtual events foster connections and unlock new possibilities for businesses, organizations, and individuals worldwide.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events amplify event reach, inclusivity, and flexibility, combining the richness of face-to-face interactions with the convenience of online engagement.

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